Frequently Asked Questions

Is Max Health for men and women?

Yes! Max Health can not only be taken by both men and women, but it will be advantageous for both.

I see that Max Health says it is “high-potency” which sounds good, but I have heard if you take a large amount of vitamins or supplements it can be bad for you over time. Is this a problem with Max Health? If so, how long can I consistently take Max Health?

Great question! You are correct there are what is called toxicity concerns with certain vitamins and supplements but when Max Health was developed this was considered and taken very seriously. With our formula you do not need to worry about encountering the toxic limits with any of the vitamins or supplements in Max Health. Long story short, you can take Max Health consistently forever if you want to.

Why is Max Health a unique multivitamin?

Max Health is different from other multivitamins because the idea of it was to combine quality and value through intelligent formulation. The formula of Max Health is different from other multivitamins and supplements because it can reach your body in eight key areas rather than one or two areas such as being just a multivitamin, just an eye supplement, or like airborne only for immune function. This provides value because some ingredients aid to multiple of these key areas. Also, we love our customers, so we value your input and we try our best to keep our costs low to give you Max Health at an even better value.

Is the size of Max Health pills large or hard to swallow?

The size of a Max Health pill is not overly large. For a comparison a Max Health pill is no larger than that of a typical “oblong” Tylenol pill. Also, Max Health is produced and coated for ease of swallow.

Is Max Health tested for purity?

Yes, every single batch or run of Max Health is tested for purity. These purity tests are conducted for every ingredient within the Max Health formula.

Is Max Health vegan?

Yes, the ingredients within our formula were chosen of course for their benefits but also to create a vegan and natural formula. We did this because we believe that supplementing your body with holistic ingredients is a must in a great multivitamin.