Max Health: What’s in it for you?

You're scrolling through your Instagram feed when Tabitha Brown pops upholding what seems to be a bottle of gummy bears. A fellow vegan that's active, energetic, and conscious of what she puts in her body, you think, "wow, she looks amazing! I bet if I take those gummy bears, I'll be just as fit as her!". Intrigued, you follow the link to this magical supplement and decide to give it a try - unsure of what you're really providing your body.

We've all been in this scenario. In a world where we're constantly bombarded with vitamins and supplements promising to improve our immune system or give us more energy, how do we decide what we actually need? Finding the right multivitamin might be the answer for you.


Your doctor might recommend taking a multivitamin to ensure you're meeting your daily vitamin and mineral intake once you hit a certain age. That's because as we age, we increase our risk for low vitamin consumption. You may also be at risk of low vitamin intake if you are vegan or suffer from diseases like celiac disease or lactose intolerance.

Multivitamins are a great way to provide essential nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, D, and E to your body that you might not be receiving from your diet, or the diseases listed above. In fact, most of us don't obtain the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals through diet alone. That's where Max Health comes in.


Max Health is a multivitamin formulated to address eight distinct areas of the body without the stress of having to buy multiple supplements to meet the same needs. The experts behind Max Health noticed that the market was full of vitamins that addressed each function individually, yet there were very few that met all these needs in just one serving. This all-in-one vitamin, backed by Ingredient Purity Testing and certified by the Good Manufacturing Practice, is all-natural, vegan friendly, and provides all of the nutrients your body needs to improve the eight functions listed below. Did we mention this formula was designed with both men and women in mind? That means no more wasting money on unnecessary "specialty" vitamins.

8 Reasons to choose Max Health:

  1. Vision - Can reduce complications that occur with aging eyes as well as prevent future issues.

  2. Hearing - Can help aid hearing capabilities and sensitivity.

  3. Immune Function- Supports the efficiency of the body's immune function.

  4. Stamina - Supports physical and mental Stamina.

  5. Cognitive Concentration - Adds "brainpower" to allow for better and more extended periods of concentration.

  6. Cold Tolerance - Allows the body to better tolerate cold environments.

  7. Altitude Tolerance - Increases tolerance of high altitudes by preventing/limiting the chances of altitude sickness.

  8. General Health - All of the vitamins and minerals in Max Health aim to improve the overall quality of health.



Max Health is packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E. According to this Harvard Health Article, all of these nutrients work together to help mend wounds, improve immune strength, strengthen bones, repair cellular damage and convert food into energy. Other essential ingredients include: